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    Peter tan

    Dear sir,
    Can you advise if the center can repair crack screen?


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      Jiarong Lau

      Hi Peter, yes they do. But it’s going to cost a bomb if you go to Epicentre or the official Apple Retailers. I think cracked screens isn’t covered under warranty either. I’d suggest you try iPhix.Asia if you’re in Singapore. You can call 8228 6770, and check out the price first. They’re pretty honest and use original parts. Good luck!

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    Hi may i know if the apple stores now in singapore are able to repair the cracked screens only? without having to replace the whole iphone?

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      Jiarong Lau

      Hi Amanda, Singapore still doesn’t have an official Apple Store as yet. The shops you see are authorised Apple distributors, and they aren’t directly under Apple. Hence you can’t repair the cracked screens with them. However we’ve tried this shop called iPhix ( They’re pretty reasonable in their pricing, and they take time to explain to you the problem as well. Suggest you can give them a try

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        Thanks so much for the suggestion. I really appreciate it. I will give it a try

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    hi dear.,
    iam mushfik from i phone 5s was damaged by water.after that i show to local repair shop.they said main IC was can show it from singapore.they can only repair it.thts y i caontact you.please tell me to go ahead.

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    My iPhone 5 screen suddenly have lines vertical and horizontal all over, bought it feb 2013, so it’s no longer in warranty, but do they offer the repair? Wondering if it would cost a lot, as if it cost more than $150, might consider to get other brand new smartphone….

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      Jiarong Lau

      Hi, I think the Telco’s don’t offer repair and 1-for-1 replacement is only valid for the first year. Try get a quote from
      Been hearing good stuff about them.

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    Dear sir ,
    Can you repair I phone 4s replecement the Fran glass & back side glass only spoil the glass so , can talk me how much need the money !!!!!


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